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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Mindsumo method!!

Step by Step
You need An edu email 
1.Sign up for edu email here
Fill all the details required including SSN
(you can use FakeNameGenerator for that But you have to use a real address for sign up don't worry use google for that and save fakenamegenereator profile because you need this later)
(If sign up does not works for you change your ip to usa using vpn,if it is still not working then pm me
2.Sign up on Mindsumo
1. Google mindsumo and click the first link, and fill out the registration fields.
Email : edu email you signed up before
You Already have $35
2. Complete your profile to over 80% for another 5$!!
4. Cashout to your paypal!!! Cashout takes around 3 hours.